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Mike Warner mjwarner at optonline.net
Tue May 18 11:06:08 EDT 2010


   A little research reveals the property opposite Allens Meadow is properly called an inland wetland mitigation project. The word mitigate means to lessen or make less severe, and yes, I had to look it up.  Whenever the state begins a construction project, it has already determined how much wetland will be lost and attempts to balance the loss by creating new wetlands of equal or larger size.  Tina Green's report to this list, yesterday at 11:49 am, helps document how much the birds have embraced this creation.  Currently, it is the type of habitat they seem to prefer.  Patrick has reminded  me that these places become overgrown and he is right.  The wetland mitigation for the Rt 7 connector in Norwalk is north of the Merritt Parkway on the west side of the road.  Access is near impossible for birders and 18 years later, the lush growth within makes access for shorebirds equally impossible.  The priority is to re-establish lost wetlands, and not to perpetuate a birding location.  The window of opportunity always seems brief, so if you can, take advantage of it like Tina did.
     The link below is for the "Brookfield Proposed Final Decision" for extending the Rt 7 limited access highway through Brookfield, recently opened.  It is dated August 25, 2006 and shows the very detailed research completed before a construction project is started.  Using the Adobe page counter at the top left of the page, scroll to page 33/58 to read of the proposed wetland mitigation in that area for 2.9 miles of highway.  It includes the purchase of surrounding property to insure the protection of those wetlands near the highway. I have no idea if the proposed version became the final version.  Interested parties could investigate further.
Click on the first choice -   http://search.yahoo.com/search?p=Brookfield+proposed+final+decision+%2B+Rt+7&fr=ush1-finance&ygmasrchbtn=Web+Search

     The following CT DEP page lists this state's Open Space Acquisition Program, Greenways and Land Trusts.  These sites are also potential birding locations.

Sorry if this ran a little long.

Mike Warner
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