[CT Birds] Please reply: Kentucky and Hooded Warblers and where are the chestnut-sided?

Robert Maleski maleski at msn.com
Tue May 18 13:02:18 EDT 2010

 I'm hoping some of the several experts who post here will provide some insight to these questions.


(1) Several sightings of hooded and kentucky warblers have been posted. Isn't it a bit far north for these species?  Is there any indication that they are expanding their ranges northward, or is this year unusual?


(2) Why are there so few chestnut-sided warblers this year?  I haven't seen a single one yet, and I spent two days at River Road in Kent as well as two trips to East Rock Park.


(3) Have yellow-throated warblers been seen in Connecticut recently?  Would they be considered very rare this far north?


(4) I see baltimore orioles everywhere this year; at least five times more than I am used to.  Is it just my luck or is it true that there seem to be more than usual?

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