[CT Birds] Chestnut-sided warbler + Meadow Ridge Sightings

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Tue May 18 16:36:08 EDT 2010

 Hi All,

I had absolutely tons of Chestnut-sided on my Sunrise Birding NY Weekend this weekend, including three in about the same tree at one spot, so I wouldn't worry about them. This probably shows the limits of using a rather small data set to start getting concerned about the overall health of a particular species (every year people write in to note some 'missing' species to the list it seems, even with fairly common birds). It may also be that some birders are seeing them and just not reporting them, as they really aren't that uncommon in the state as migrants or breeders (hence they are on the old common birds list that are not reportable under the old listserve rules). 

As for Hooded's, there always seems to have been a decent breeding population, at least since I've lived in the state (admittedly only 7 years), it's just been a case of going to the right place for them although I must admit I've found a couple of them in a couple of unexpected places this year (I had the same singing male at Meadow Ridge in Redding today). This weekend we must have had a dozen at Doodletown Rd in NY - interestingly all breeding successfully in a dense understory of Barberry (who says invasives are all bad!) 

Kentucky is a relatively uncommon breeder perhaps due to the complete lack of understory in much of our southern woodlands (plus being on the northern edge of it's range). I only actually see one report from Gerry Connolly which seems about average for the season (just a handful if that reports). If anything it probably used to be more regular in the state as it used to be regular breeder on the Audubon CT Fairchild Gardens site in Greenwich, but probably mainly thanks to deer over-browsing the understory it is long gone there.

Luke Tiller, Greenwich

 From Luke Tiller:
05/18/10 - Redding, Meadow Ridge Retirement Community -- 1 HOODED WARBLER, 10 BOBOLINKS


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