[CT Birds] Gray-cheeked Thrush - Suffield

louise tucker louise40pt at yahoo.com
Tue May 18 20:43:49 EDT 2010

In Suffield, near the intersection of Quarry Road and Plelps Road, I had a small Thrush fallout. On the trail above Phelps I identified Gray-cheeked Thrush, Robin, Veery,and possibly a Bicknell's Thrush, but I am not sure at all about the Bicknell's. Down the road on the bank of the stream was a Wood Thrush.  The Gray-cheeked was a really dark brown, almost gray. The possible Bicknell's was a slightly warmer brown.
Also, in the area I saw a Great-crested Flycatcher and heard a Common Raven.
Louise P. Tucker


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