[CT Birds] Bent Mourning Warbler, olive fly, and more on hooded warbler songs

FIELD, Christopher cfield at audubon.org
Wed May 19 09:13:33 EDT 2010

This morning Kevin Burgio and I had a Mourning Warbler in the Cedar Fields at the Bent of the River. It was on the west side of the trail, making its way north toward the barn. Last night I had an Olive-sided Flycatcher singing after dark close to the barn - I haven't heard it yet today, but I haven't been listening either. Other birds of note this morning: a few Cliff Swallows, and 6 or 7 Hooded Warbler singing along the Cedar Fields trail between the barn and the first meadow. To follow up on the recent discussion of Hooded Warbler songs, I was able to record the male closest to the barn and counted 5 different song types. I've posted more details as well as recordings of some of the songs on the IBA blog: http://www.connecticutiba.blogspot.com/

5/19 - Chris Field with Kevin Burgio. Southbury, Bent of the River. MOURNING WARBLER heard on Cedar Fields trail near first meadow.

Chris Field

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