[CT Birds] Gungy Rd. Powercut in Lyme 5/19- YB CUCKOOS seen and heard

Sailcarm at aol.com Sailcarm at aol.com
Wed May 19 15:51:55 EDT 2010

After doing some morning errands in Old Lyme I did a quick detour on my way 
 home to check out my favorite birding spot, the Gungy Rd. Powercut in  
Lyme.  When it's a gray day as it was today, I find that the openness of  areas 
like this makes for better light for my aging eyes and my soon  to be 
replaced binoculars.
I arrived just a few minutes before Carol and Jim Zipp were leaving and we  
compared notes on what I had been seeing here earlier this week and what  
they had seen this morning, mostly the same usual suspects at a powercut.   
Thanks, Jim and Carol, for pointing out those cedar waxwings and for the  
heads-up that the cuckoo was still vocalizing.
I birded for about a half hour checking out the prairie warblers, field  
sparrows etc, and had just opened my car door to leave when I heard the 
cuckoo,  literally right over my car.  To make a long story short, for the first  
time in  four different visits to this powercut this spring,  today I was 
able to get my bins on not one but two YELLOW-BILLED  CUCKOOS, perched as well 
as flying.  A special moment and great  looks!
I won't list the usual suspects, as I have done that twice already this  
week, but let me just add that today was the first time I have seen bluebirds 
at  this spot this year.  And the two e. kingbirds put on quite a  show 
frolicking mid air.  It was also neat to watch a red-shouldered  hawk with 
something in its talons being hounded by three crows.
Also, 2 chimney swifts over Flanders Four Corners in E. Lyme (rt. 1  area)
A nice cold dismal morning! :)
Carolyn Cimino

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