[CT Birds] Brant - millions of them

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Thu May 20 17:24:53 EDT 2010


 Hi All,

Well not quite but I just popped out the house for a cup of tea whilst preparing for my trip to North Carolina and discovered that a huge Brant flock was going over. Counting in 10's I quickly was up to an approximate number of 1200 in just the one flock!!!! I then had two smaller flocks pass over for a total of about 2000 or so Brant. Doing the Greenwich hawk watch I don't think I ever got close to these numbers in a day. I've also heard Brant flocks overhead at night for the last week or so while I've been here (between trips). Thought this might be of interest to a couple of you that note these type of things. On a recent trip to NYC with Sunrise Birding we had a Snow Goose (which I videoed - along with a booming Bittern) http://underclearskies.com/2010/05/16/snow-goose-in-may/ so it has been a interesting week for geese.

Luke Tiller, Greenwich

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