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Fri May 21 16:40:48 EDT 2010

Though I haven't been able to bird much this spring because of my third round with Lyme disease, i filled my awake hours with lots of bird book reading. The one book I enjoyed the most - again - is Readers Digest's "Book of North American Birds."

For those who haven't read it, I highly recommend it. It covers all birds with the usual field marks, beautiful picture and range maps, but highlights each species with a short description of it's unique character and life style. For those interested, i have copied a short part of the description for the Tennessee Warbler here as a sample........

"The oaks are in flower, and overhead in the forest's canopy cold-numbed insects come to life under the touch of the morning sun. It's to late now for spring to be halted by a single cold snap. The May sun is to strong, the season to far along. Darting about and snatching insects amid the outermost branches are dozens of small, energetic birds - green above, white below, with a pencil fine line across each eye. Now and again, one of the frantic treetop feeders pauses and sends a shower of notes earthward, loud, emphatic notes followed by a cascading trill that reveals its identity as a Tennessee warbler.........."

You Will love this book!

Paul Carrier

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