[CT Birds] Golden-Winged ... NO ++

semismart9 at aol.com semismart9 at aol.com
Fri May 21 17:35:15 EDT 2010

I hiked into Naugatuck State Forest today, Friday 5-21, to check out the Golden-wing Warbler territory with no luck. However, I did have a total of 15 Warbler species, with a calling Mourning Warbler along the small stream, just befor the turn to the Golden-wing field. Also a Bay-breasted Warbler was in the field. Magnolia warbler on the power lines. Olive-Sided Flycatcher in the Big upper field,.Total of 58 species.

For Roy Harvey:
Naugatuck State Forest... 15 Warbler Species including Mourning and Bay Breasted.
Both Cuckoo Species, Olive-sided Flycatcher in big upper field. Total of 58 species

Bill Banks

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