[CT Birds] 62 species in Hr.

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Sun May 23 11:49:22 EDT 2010

Its amazing what can be seen just basking in the partial sun outside in the yard whilst sipping a hot cup of tea. In one hr, flying over and past my house in Harwinton, I saw the following:

Pr Red shouldered Hawk - nesting near
1 Broadwing Hawk in courtship display
1 Red-tailed Hawk in a stoop
1 Coopers Hawk fly by
6 passing Nighthawks
All swallows cept Martin
1 Kingfisher
1 RT Hummingbird
3 Common Merganser
Many Turkey and 2 Black Vulture
2 Raven - nest near
2 Fish Crow - and commons
1 very Possible Short eared Owl high up going north - 99% sure, no nocks!
3 Cedar Waxwing plus - 
many common birds as well.............

Heard or seen in yard singing:
Wood Thrush - nesting
Hermit Thrush - nesting
Bluebird - nesting
House Wren - nesting
Pine Warbler - nesting
Titmouse - nesting
Crested Flycatcher - nesting
Catbird - nesting
Pileated Woodpecker - nest near
Rose-breasted grosbeak
Blue-headed Vireo
2 Purple finch
Scarlet Tanager
Baltimore Oriole
Eastern Towhee
BT Blue Warbler
Yellow breasted Sapsucker - nesting, tapping,calling
Louisiana Water Thrush - nesting I think
Mallards - nesting at pond
and other common feeder and yard birds

Others heard singing in woods:

Yellow rump Warbler
BT Green Warb - nesting
Barred Owl - nesting

counted 62 species in an hour just sitting - believe all were not migrating.
 And the tea I was drinking?
I use mint from the garden, plus Bee Balm and plenty new green tips of a
Fir tree. You can also use new green needles of White pine or Spruce. 
A great spring elixir used by North American Indians. Try it, it will make
your day.................
Paul Carrier 

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