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Wed May 26 14:41:14 EDT 2010

5/26  Connecticut Audubon Coastal Center, Milford  10AM-1PM
sunny, 75-90, high tide receding.
Driving in  to the parking lot were 3 PURPLE MARTINS on the martin  condo.
1 YELLOW CROWNED NIGHT HERON feeding in the marsh, near platform  adjacent 
to parking lot. Numerous Red winged blackbirds, Common grackles in the  mars
h.  Singing Carolina Wren, House wren,  house sparrows,  mockingbirds, 
American robins, family of starlings, a singing Common  Yellowthroat, mourning 
doves.  On the deck of the building was a bird nest  built on to a baby 
carriage (of all places) with 5 whitish eggs, speckled with  brown inside a little 
cave type nest....possibly a Carolina Wren's nest.
On the marsh  was 1 SNOWY EGRET, 12 BRANT, 5 MALLARDS (4 M, 1F), many  mute 
swans,  29 GREAT EGRETS (on far west end of marsh) -looked like a  party 
with the egrets flapping wings and bouncing up & down;  5 D.C.  CORMORANTS.
Ospreys were busy much of the morning.  At 10AM the female was  feeding the 
4 chicks a large fish, breaking it into tiny pieces.  3 chicks  are a good 
size, while one is noticeably smaller.  Yet the female did feed  the smaller 
chick as well. The male was sitting on the camera.  Female was  shading the 
chicks with her wings spread out as she stood over the chicks, so  air was 
circulating around them.....She balls up her talons when walking on the  
nest around the chicks. At 11AM the female had tucked all the chicks under her, 
 stretched out her neck and was horizontal, closed her eyes and took a 
brief  snooze.
That is until 11:10AM when 2 stray ospreys entered their airspace  again.  
Female stood up, calling;  the male left his perch and landed  on the 
camera, also calling and flapping his wings.  The 2 stray ospreys  left ONLY TO 
return at 11:20AM.  Our pair was on the nest together, but one  of the strays 
landed on our male's perch!  The female got up, flew after  the stray and 
chased it away.  Our male then returned to his perch.   The 2 strays then flew 
around and left.  The rest of the morning the male  stood sentry on his 
perch and female was shading the chicks on the nest.
Bev Propen, Orange

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