[CT Birds] Wood Thrush and Red Knot

dennis.elphick at tiscali.co.uk dennis.elphick at tiscali.co.uk
Thu May 27 09:06:59 EDT 2010

Two Wood Thrush calling at Ashford yard 21st May and previously for 3 
or 4 days although not identified as such at the time (thanks yet again 

The orange-flagged Red Knot at Short Beach Park, Stratford will almost 
certainly have been banded in Argentina as part of the Red 
Knot/Shorebird project centred on Delaware Bay.  If anyone records 
additional bands on this bird which might identify it as a specific 
individual or any others please contact Kevin Kalasz, Delaware Bay 
Shorebird Project Co-ordinator  on  Kevin.kalasz at state.de.us    (Even 
this record with just "country" Id may be of interest).   

Dennis Elphick (Ashford/South Devon, UK)

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