[CT Birds] Northern Shoveler pics/other info.

Scott Kruitbosch skruitbosch at ctaudubon.org
Fri May 28 14:51:08 EDT 2010

I was one of Frank Gallo's two reports, having found the male Northern Shoveler this morning at Long Beach Blvd. pond in Stratford. You can find distant pics (I did not want to disturb it!) and more info. on the blog: http://ctaudubon.blogspot.com

If you go please abide by Frank's request not to disturb the bird. You can view the pond and pools from the car, just stepping a few feet off the road in the case of the pond. There is no need to venture further into the area. This is a significant record and we must all allow it space. Additionally, there were two USFWS employees there this morning. The area past the gate is still supposedly off limits to the public.

Finally, the Stratford Airport is showcasing the Corsair and other planes/vehicles this holiday weekend. It is already much busier and noisier than usual in the area. With all of this activity and the crowds expected in a place that does not handle traffic well, southern Stratford may not be the best choice for birding during the next few days.

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