[CT Birds] Cockenoe island terns update Sat 5/29

Mardi Dickinson mardi1 at optonline.net
Sat May 29 19:50:14 EDT 2010

Dear Birders et al:

To follow up on Larry's and others adventures with Cockenoe island.

Towny and I went out earlier this morning by boat around 7AM to do some
photographing and to go by Cockenoe island and check to see if all was  
We are happy to report that all was calm and the chicks and mothers  
were fine.
We spent to day on the water and also patrol the area regularly to  
keep an
eye on the island to help out.

We cruised by slowly all around the island and used our scope that was  
on the boat to scan all around the island. This was most helpful and  
as to not disturb the birds by getting on the island if we didn't have  
to. We also
photographed the surrounding island and area too.

All the chicks and mothers seemed to be calm and comfortable. They are  
just adorable.
We did not land at that time although later on we did go back by and  
landed briefly,
to secure a couple of stakes by a hammer. They were leaning over and  
about to fall onto a
nesting area on the wrack line. I watched as boaters cruised by and  
seemed to
be reading the signs, wave to us and then just kept going. This was a  
good thing to see and was
glad that hopefully boaters including dogs will follow the signs and  
not go onto the island at all!

Our last stop by around the island appeared to be calm at 4:38PM. The  
stakes were falling earlier
were still up and looked secured. We said our goodbyes for the the  
night to the cute fuzzy little chicks
on our way back to shore.

It appeared Cockenoe island had not been disturbed at all since Larry  
and Charlie put up
the roped off area by stakes and signs last night.

THANK YOU Larry and Charlie for a super job well done! This just goes  
to show you how a wonderful
and caring group of people can get together at a moments notice to  
help out! This just fantastic!

We plan to be out by boat Sunday and Monday so we will help patrol the  
area regularly.
Hopefully everyone will obey the signs. We will keep you updates as  
the weekend goes on.

Mardi W. Dickinson
Norwalk, CT
mardi1 at optonline.net

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