[CT Birds] Boston Hollow, 6-1-10

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Tue Jun 1 17:44:19 EDT 2010

I had a great morning in Boston Hollow today, even though I only had a 
couple  of hours to spend. Most of the warblers I have been finding there are 
still  there in force. Ovenbirds everywhere, Canada Warblers, some males still 
singing,  females flitting around either foraging or gathering nesting 
material. I heard  several Northern Waterthrushes and saw at least 2. Heard 
several Common  Yellowthroats and Black and White Warblers singing. I heard Pine 
Warblers at  several locations. It was very still this morning, even though 
windy elsewhere.  I have been hearing a mystery bird there for a while now 
and I finally solved  the mystery. Keep in mind that I am now using a 
birders hearing aid, which  lowers the pitch of all high notes. I have been 
hearing 2 clear whistle-like "so  so" notes, sometimes preceeded by a higher 
"seee". Didn't register at all. This  AM I noticed that sometimes there was a 
preceeding "seee" at a slightly lower  pitch. Still didn't register. Then I 
finally heard a bird sing the song complete  with the final note. Another high 
pitched "seee". Mystery solved. Black-throated  Green Warblers. Lots of 
them. I heard alot of them at the end of April, and a  few more recently, but 
the partial song just didn't click. I also had 2 singing  Winter Wrens this 
morning, to my pleasure, and an Oriole. 
I have been  hearing the ravens for the last couple of weeks, and assumed 
the noises were  coming from an active nest high up on the ridge. This 
morning they were much  louder and more raucous, and I realized that they were 
much closer to the road.  I pulled off at the blue trail crossing and they were 
obviously right in front  of me. I walked west up the trail about 150 feet 
and looked up at the top of a  big dead white pine. 2 Ravens were sitting in 
the top branches, but the ruckus  continued and the birds I saw didn't seem 
to be making it. Then, with alot of  squawking, a Third bird flew from 
behind the top and started circling and  calling overhead. I realized then that 
what I saw was a male and female with a  young fledgling, only about 3/4 
their size. It might have been its first time  away from the nest. I think dad 
was in the air showing his pride and urging them  to come fly with him, 
which they eventually did. I have to smile at that  thought. 

Great place to hang out, not far from home.

Don  Morgan


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