[CT Birds] Young Birders: Want to come see Bicknell's Thrushes (and other boreal birds) in the Adirondacks?

Benjamin Van Doren nimajneb3 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 2 23:28:09 EDT 2010

Hi all the young birders out there:

The New York State Young Birders Club (NYSYBC) is running a field trip for
young birders on June 13th to *Whiteface Mountain in the Adirondacks*.
may be winding down, but the breeding season is in full swing. Whiteface
Mountain is one of the best places to find the highly range-restricted
Thrush* in New York, even in the whole of the United States. Rising
temperatures also threaten this thrush's habitat, so now is a perfect time
to go find one if you haven't. We also have a good chance of seeing a range
of breeding warblers and birds typical of the boreal forest, such as Gray
Jay, Boreal Chickadee, and Black-backed Woodpecker. Maybe even a Spruce

What makes this trip even more appealing is that there is a road all the way
to the summit of Whiteface Mountain -- no need to embark on a long,
strenuous hike to reach the high-altitude forest Bicknell's Thrushes (and
other boreal birds) need to thrive. This road normally doesn't open until
well after sunrise, but we've received special permission to access it 4-5
hours before it would normally open, since Bicknell's Thrushes are, for the
most part, crepuscular singers (during dawn and dusk). Plus, we will have a
knowledgeable leader from Northern New York Audubon to guide us. This is a
great chance to see birds most of us only glimpse during migration, if at
all, as well as birds that only occur in the northern boreal habitat areas.

While our trips are open to young birders from ANY STATE, only those from
ages 10 to 19 can participate.

If you are a young birder and are interested in joining me on Sunday, June
13 (you'd have to stay overnight, probably with a parent or other adult, at
a nearby hotel since we will be starting early in the morning), go to
nysyoungbirders.org and print out the permission form in the Downloads
section. Then scan and email it (or fax) to ybc at nybirds.org along with your
name, age, and contact information. Not a member of the club? Don't worry --
non-member young birders (and their parents) are entitled to attend one club
field trip, but after that must join before attending others. Please note,
though, that all young birders 12 and under *must* be transported and
accompanied by a parent at all times.

Any questions can be directed to me, or to the NYSYBC adult coordinators at
ybc at nybirds.org. For more information on NYSYBC, visit nysyoungbirders.org.
We run monthly field trips to great birding spots around New York State
suitable for all birding skill levels.

I hope to see some new young birders on the trip!


Benjamin Van Doren
President, NYSYBC
Blog: http://warblings.wordpress.com

P.S. My apologies if this is a duplicate - it appeared the first email was
not sent to the list.

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