[CT Birds] lack of Orioles/Orchard location

Sheril Frano sfrano at att.net
Fri Jun 4 14:54:46 EDT 2010

Re: Orioles: I just had wonderful looks at a male and female Baltimore feeding their brood in the Hamden land trust park (opposite Water Museum on Whitney Avenue).  Directly opposite the dirt/gravel track in the first corner area before the pond is a male and a female Orchard (she darts around calling plaintively and stays low at eye level around the pond), I photographed all four within 30 mins the day before yesterday.  I have also seen a bunch of males raiding trees in Edgerton Park, on the other side of the land trust property (the mature trees in the middle of the park) and spotted one male at the top of a tree near my house in Hamden, but haven't managed to lure any with orange, OJ nor jelly...... 

S. Frano

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