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Robert DeCandido PhD rdcny at earthlink.net
Mon Jun 7 06:36:06 EDT 2010

For the past several years, we have been doing a study of urban 
kestrels in New York City. We have been publishing a Newsletter with 
many photos of the typical urban habitats that kestrels like to hunt, 
where they prefer to nest, and what prey they capture most - all in 
NYC. We believe there are important urban populations of kestrels in 
the eastern United States (yes even in some cities in CT) - that are 
as yet undiscovered. Indeed, it seems that NYC has the largest 
breeding population of kestrels in all of New York State.  And so far 
as we can tell, this is the first study  in North America to try and 
assess the status and trend of an urban population of kestrels - a 
species which is in significant decline in the eastern USA in "nice" 
(= rural, suburban and "natural") habitats.

However, most folks don't study birds in cities - indeed cities seem 
to represent the very antithesis of what most birds prefer...so urban 
kestrels have gone about their lives "under the radar" as it were. So 
if you would like to make an important discovery - have a look at our 
Newsletter and then go out and have a look in your city for local kestrels.

Deborah Allen and I, along with help from about 400 people, just 
assembled Issue #11 of the NYC Kestrel Newsletter.  To date we have 
published 40 total issues from 2008 to the present. All are available 
as free PDFs to download. Again, there are many photos so that anyone 
interested in looking for kestrels nesting in a city will have much 
reference material.

This week we present the first 2010 information (and photos) of 
kestrels fledging in New York City:

For the past 39 issues of the NYC Kestrel Newsletter, see the web 
site of the NorthEast Hawk Watch/Migration group:


And for Kestrel information flyers in 14 languages, see: 

You can read  about NYC kestrels in Korean, Hebrew, Russian...

Robert DeCandido PhD

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