[CT Birds] CFE & LIS

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Tue Jun 8 17:55:55 EDT 2010

6/8  From Connecticut Fund for the Environment:
"We don't expect oil to directly affect Long Island Sound, but again, we're 
 watching the currents and predictions. There are not presently any plans 
to  train volunteers (and we don't currently have anyone on staff with those  
skills), but it's certainly an effort we may look at coordinating or 
partnering  on in the future. Fingers crossed that won't be necessary.
Tomorrow evening,  we're taping a radio program you'd probably be 
interested in--the WYBC show  "Electric Drum" will feature an interview/discussion 
with Leah and Chris Cryder  of Save the Sound, and Sandy Breslin from Audubon. 
They'll be talking about the  leak and about some pollution threats that 
currently face Long Island Sound.  WYBC is at 94.3 in the New Haven area and I 
believe this show will air at 7am  Saturday morning."
Bev Propen, Orange

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