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Katz1449 at aol.com Katz1449 at aol.com
Wed Jun 9 13:57:40 EDT 2010

6/9  Connecticut Audubon Coastal Center, Milford    10AM-1PM
cloudy, 65, high tide receding.
4 nice plump osprey chicks in the nest. Male & female were on the nest  at 
10AM feeding the chicks.  At 11:20AM the male brought another fish,  eating 
its head while on the perch and then bringing the fish to the chicks.At  
12:35PM the female was flying through the marsh dipping her feet in the water  
and then landing in the water to bathe.
3 PURPLE MARTINS  were in the martin house, with house sparrows there  as 
tree swallows, mourning doves, Red winged blackbirds, common grackles, 1  
Snowy egret fly over, 1 Great egret flyover, Catbird, mockingbird, cardinals, 
 starlings, American robins, 1 mallard.
I watched as 2 male Red Winged blackbirds attacked a house sparrow,  
knocking it into the marsh grasses.  I didn't see the sparrow come  up.
Bev Propen, Orange

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