[CT Birds] New Haven Summer Count--Area P (Orange)

Schlesinger, Lee Lee.Schlesinger at purchase.edu
Mon Jun 14 07:40:12 EDT 2010

Bev Propen and I covered "Area P", Orange and little corners of West Haven and Milford,  for the New Haven Summer Count.  We had no particular surprises but some nice birds.

The "nice birds" include:  Orchard Oriole (2), Yellow-Throated Vireo, Bluebird (2), Screech Owl (responded to tape yesterday evening), more Wood Thrushes than usual (but no Veery), Black-Crowned Night Heron well up the Housatonic, two Osprey nest sites...

On the other hand, the skies were pretty empty (one ratty Red-Tailed Hawk, for example) and the lakes and ponds were emptier--no ducks except Mallards, no wading birds except Green Heron.

A Purple Finch has been reported from a feeder in our area, by a long-time birder who staunchly rejects the idea that it is a House Finch.  We checked; I saw the bird briefly, and it looked good for Purple Finch, but we're going to try to double-check today.

Also:  I heard a chickadee singing a Carolina-like song (maybe a hybrid or in-between song).  I never saw the bird but even that wouldn't have been conclusive, probably.

Lee Schlesinger
Port Chester, NY

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