[CT Birds] Probable Northern Goshawk

Bill Asteriades Asterbunch at cox.net
Tue Jun 15 18:57:46 EDT 2010

While driving home from work today, I saw a large raptor flying ahead on 
route 17 in Glastonbury 70 feet or so from the ground.  Based on the size, I 
initially thought it was a Red-tailed Hawk.  However, as I approached the 
bird it was a large accipiter with a stiff and powerful wing beat, much 
larger than a Coopers Hawk.  It looked good for a Northern Goshawk based on 
the size and wing speed, as best as I could tell driving  Birders in the 
Glastonbury vicinity may want to keep an eye out; it could be breeding in 
the area.

>From Bill Asteriades:
6/15/10 - Glastonbury, Route 17 - 1 probable NORTHERN GOSHAWK 

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