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Greetings to all,

This is a link to an interesting article that I received today.


What's thrilling about this time of year is going to look for birds seen during migration on their nesting grounds.  Now on territory, it's been a bit more challenging to find them as they're more scattered about and quiet while nesting, and less concentrated than when migrating.  Yesterday Charlie Barnard and I went to Trout Brook Valley Land Trust (Bradley Rd entrance) and a few other places, and although some birds were active and singing, locating them was often difficult and it was necessary to do a lot of "birding by ear."  I like to see the birds and sometimes won't count one if not able to get a visual; that's just me and maybe due to a bit of lacking self-confidence when it comes to identifying many eastern species by ear, being still sort of a newbie here.  But based on this article, apparently the birds get confused, too, such as a Nashville singing a Tennessee song making birding by ear tricky.  It's amusing.

Yesterday we saw (or heard) some of the expected species, including adults with young, for the locations visited and, therefore, won't bother to list them.  Out of the ordinary, however, we saw an albino squirrel at Trout Brook and also several Red Squirrels throughout.  Later we took a ride to Cockenoe Island with Larry Flynn and were able to see many of the nesting birds (and their young) mentioned in previous reports before many were sadly washed out by last night's tide.  Thanks again to Larry for taking us out.  ...and to Charlie; it was a nice day of birding.

Brenda Inskeep

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