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Wed Jun 16 14:14:43 EDT 2010

6/16  Connecticut audubon Coastal center, Milford,   10AM-1PM
low tide rising,  70, pt cloudy/pt sunny
At 10AM the male osprey was on his perch and female on the nest as the  4 
plump chicks were preening.  At 10:15AM the male flew off, returning with  a 
fish at 10:35AM.  He  was eating the fish on the perch until 11:10AM  and 
then brought the remainder to the female and chicks.  Female fed all  the 
The family of Carolina wrens that made its nest in the baby carriage on the 
 deck has fledged.
There were 2 PURPLE MARTINS flying around the martin house, red winged  
blackbirds, common grackles,  2 American crows, house sparrows, mourning  
doves, robins, .  In the marsh were 3 black ducks, 2 mallards, 4 mute  swans,
4 Snowy egrets and 3 Great egrets.
Bev Propen, Orange

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