[CT Birds] Stratford breeders?

Frank Mantlik mantlik at sbcglobal.net
Fri Jun 18 13:38:56 EDT 2010

>From Frank Mantlik
6/18  Stratford,  Rt. 113, Sikorsky Airport - Savannah Sparrow singing from the fence.  Linda & I saw one here on 6/6 as well, so perhaps there's a pair nesting.
6/18 Rt. 113, Deluca Field / "Avco" Cove - male American Kestrel atop a utility pole in rear of old Avco / Army Engine Plant.
6/18 Ryder's Lane paved walk - Glossy Ibis flew up river, and dropped into marsh north of Sikorsky factory. I suspect they are breeding at Charles Is., Milford.

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