[CT Birds] A few further comments on the thrush

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Fri Jun 18 18:49:27 EDT 2010

Since I have gotten at least a few divergent comments on the  thrush, 
perhaps its worthwhile to fill in a little more detail.  I did NOT  send it in 
with a pre-conceived notion of what it is, only the feeling that it  did not 
match what I am familiar with.
I saw this bird about 8:30 this morning in Boston Hollow, and  some 
comments have been correctly to the point that the light was very  poor.  It's dark 
in there!  I did have more than a quick look - I  spent about half an hour 
following it around, since it nicely stayed in one  area.  
Hermit Thrush is the dominant thrush in BH right now (other  than Veery).  
In the last 2 weeks I have seen probably 40 or 50 of  them.  For a while 
they would scurry up the roadway in front of the  car.  This bird just looked 
First, I have noticed that the picture in Sibley DOES appear to  resemble 
the bird with regard to the breast markings.  That was not obvious  in the 
book I had with me this AM.  Also, although I cannot say the tail  ever looked 
reddish, it did seem to contrast slightly with the rest of the bird  in 
certain light.
With regard to an eye ring, I did at times think I saw a very  narrow white 
eye-ring, but it was by no means always visible.  It was NOT  the wide ring 
that seems to appear in some of the pictures - that is just part  of the 
overall grayish cast on the side of the face.  I have included  a link to a 
blow-up of a picture that hopefully will show that.  it did  appear that there 
was a little white patch to the rear of the  eye.
With regard to the face, it does not show in the pictures as  well as I 
would have hoped, but there was definite face patch in contrasting  color 
(grayish or tannish)to the rest of the bird.  When I saw it I was  immediately 
reminded of the Gray-cheeked Thrushes I saw a month or so ago in  Ohio.
I am perfectly willing to believe that it is just a slight  variation of a 
Hermit Thrush, but I thought it was interesting enough to  put forth the 
Don Morgan

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