[CT Birds] Grassland Birds

Jan Collins jgcollins at cox.net
Sat Jun 19 15:02:03 EDT 2010

6/19  8 AM   Spent a couple nice hours at the Xmas tree farm/grassland 
habitat on Ninth District Rd. in Somers this morn.  Found 2 KESTRELS 
hovering and hunting but not returning to their nestbox so I assumed their 5 
young had fledged.  That was confirmed when 3 of them flushed from their 
"hiding" spot under only a foot tall Xmas tree about 10 feet in front of me! 
Had all 3 mimics, 2 Mockingbirds, 2 BROWN THRASHER, and 1 Catbird.  5 
Sparrow species including heard 1 GRASSHOPPER SPARROW, and saw and heard 4 
Savannah, several Chipping, 1 House, and 2 Field.   21 species total.

Also yesterday while paddling the Rainbow Reservoir on the Farmington River 
in Windsor with Patrice Favreau, we discovered approximately 30 Turkey 
Vultures hanging out and sunning themselves in the back yard of a house 
along the water with 2 BLACK VULTURES among them.  We paddled withing 20 
feet of them and got up close and personal looks at the differences in the 2 
species.  Impressive gathering!

Jan in Somers 

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