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Tue Jun 22 08:19:29 EDT 2010

Dave and CT Birders -

Wow Dave  that was so nice and much thanks for the appreciation, and of course coming all the way out to visit from Norwich!!!!

When Dave was leaving I mentioned it would be great if he posted the birds he had seen because I never seem to have the time anymore to get online. With much surprise, instead, I read his perspective on what a day is like at the sanctuary during the busy baby season in rehab. Here I thought my biggest impression was going to be the ever increasing Baltimore Oriole population at the sanctuary!

As Dave mentioned it is not a walk in the park and I am finding it increasingly difficult to keep up the pace. So at this point I am really limiting what birds I will accept for rehabilitation and will be focusing my efforts on education and conservation. Please visit the website for information on what birds I am accepting or to find another rehabilitator at  www.mvssanctuary.org

 For anyone interested I offer an educational program called Supporting CT's migratory songbirds through rehabilitation, reducing negative impacts and bird scaping. This program can be given during the fall, winter and early spring. 

Our conservation efforts include managing 26 nest boxes on private land along Mount Vernon Rd; in addition we are currently in the process of purchasing an additional acre of land adjacent to the sanctuary.  


Jayne Amico
Southington, CT

---- David F Provencher <david.f.provencher at dom.com> wrote: 
> Last Friday I had the pleasure of spending the morning with Jayne Amico at the Mt Vernon Bird Sanctuary in Southington.

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