[CT Birds] I think they want to adopt me!!

Mntncougar at aol.com Mntncougar at aol.com
Wed Jun 23 07:54:56 EDT 2010

Their names are Barry and Barretta, and they live in a very 
nice  neighborhood in Ashford.  They are both a little shy, and she  
won't let me take her picture, but I managed to get him to pose for me a 
times.  In the last 2 weeks I have seen him 5 times, and her  



Today I stopped in a quiet spot and shut off the car to listen 
to  see who was around.  I heard a fairly distant "Who-who" clear, short 
quick.  i wasn't even sure if it was from human or animal.  But I  was 
hoping it might be a Great Horned Owl, since I have never seen or heard  
one in 
the Boston Hollow area. A minute or so later, 2 very large shadows  floated 
across the road ahead of me without a sound.  Nothing.  I  sat.  
"Who-who".  Right next to me. I looked up to see a very  large shape on a 
bare branch over the road in front of me.  No more  than 50 feet or so from 
me to him.  But it was a Barred Owl.  He  stared.  I stared.  
>From the side of the road someplace a quiet  "who-who".  She was the other 
shadow.  He sat for at least 5  minutes, seldom looking away, calling once 
or twice.  Then he silently  floated to a tree on the side of the 
road.  "Who-who".  I got out  of the car and looked up, and through a 
small hole in the branches I was  able to glimpse him staring back at me.  
"Who-who".  They both  floated out of the tree and silently 

Don  Morgan

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