[CT Birds] What kind of Sparrow am I?

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 Yes, this is a Song Sparrow juvenile. We raised and released a couple this spring. However, for future reference, keep in mind that all juvenile sparrows have streaked breasts, even chipping sparrows. Fledgling sparrow confirmation can be quite tricky especially when dealing with species like Savannah Sparrow.

Jay Kaplan



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Immature Song Sparrow ~ that would be my guess, I've raised a few in my day.  I 

sure Jayne Amico or Jay Kaplan could verify.

Brian Kleinman

Riverside Reptiles



I'm assuming this is probably an immature something.  The  complete lack of 

central breast spot, with strong striping, red outer tail  feathers and 

lack of any strong head or facial features doesn't register with me  at all.  

Bird did apprear fairly large, maybe near the size of a Song  Sparrow.  Have 

at it. 











Don Morgan 




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