[CT Birds] Bridgeport/Stratford/Trumbull severe damage/possible tornado

Scott Kruitbosch kbosch at gmail.com
Thu Jun 24 16:02:26 EDT 2010

If you aren't in the area or aware of what occurred about an hour and a half
ago, the greater Bridgeport area was just hit very hard by a severe
thunderstorm and possible tornado. Either way the wind gusts were near or
exceeding hurricane force. Bridgeport has declared a state of emergency.
Please be safe out there. I do not advise traveling to any of these areas
due to downed power lines, trees, and general damage. Another reason I post
this now is that some of our frequent haunts may have been altered by this
devastating storm. Pictures 4-6 here:
http://www.wtnh.com/dpp/weather/new-haven-slideshow-severe-weather are
in/adjacent to the Great Meadows IBA, behind a warehouse and on Long Beach
Blvd. The pond trail area seems like it was reshaped a bit. Even WICC600 is
off the air. Makes me wonder what Pleasure Beach and Long Beach look like.

Tomorrow, when things are safer, I will take a look to see what has been
impacted and put pictures on the CAS blog. While we're at it I had a
Forster's Tern, my and possibly Stratford's first of the year, off Stratford
Point today. It was close to shore and calling with the Common Terns.

Scott Kruitbosch
Stratford, CT
Connecticut Audubon Society

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