[CT Birds] Basic Hummer feeding question (long; sorry!)

opposablechums at aol.com opposablechums at aol.com
Wed Jun 30 16:09:30 EDT 2010

I apologize for the elementary nature of this question, but I'm a City boy newly transplanted to suburbia and have never had a hummingbird feeder before.

A curious male R/T buzzing around my yard made me rush out and buy some red flowers and a Perky Pet feeder.  The bird quickly found it and would feed for 5-15 seconds, then go to the flowers, then leave.  This happened about 5 times a day.  A female would come once every few days.

As the week wore on, the visits waned, until one day I saw one of the birds zip up to the feeder, hover for a split-second, then leave without feeding.  No visits for the rest of the day, and none the next.

I became concerned that something might be wrong with the feeder or (store-bought) nectar.  I dug around on the internet and found that I'd left the nectar out for just over a week, far more than is recommended.  I quickly took the feeder in, cleaned it, refilled it, and returned it to it's spot.

That was last night.  I've had no visits at all today.

If any of you have a moment, I'd love to hear your theories as to what is going on, what I might be doing wrong, and how I can rectify the situation so as to encourage these little miracles to visit more often.

Thanks in advance-


-Jason Kessler

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