[CT Birds] Chimney Swifts, Evening Grosbeaks

ClutchZat at aol.com ClutchZat at aol.com
Fri Jul 2 13:54:27 EDT 2010

Chimney Swifts - To answer Don's question, I too feel that I've seen  
chimney swifts in more places this year than ever.  It's always interesting  to 
ask:  is that because we're more aware of them, or because there truly  are 
more of them around?
I've seen them this week in "downtown" Berlin, and flying over my yard  as 
well, and just yesterday at the farmer's market on Route 10 in  Simsbury.
Evening Grosbeaks - This would be a life bird for me, so if anyone knows  
where they can reliably be seen and they don't mind a little company, I would 
 love to see one!
Happy 4th, Everyone!
Andy Thiede
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