[CT Birds] Evening Grosbeaks

Robert Maleski maleski at msn.com
Fri Jul 2 15:43:15 EDT 2010

 I grew up in Western Massachusetts in the vicinity of Greenfield, and lived there until 1974.  I used to see flocks of evening grosbeaks all the time in the colder months.  They were a guaranteed view if you had sunflower seed on the groulnd.   I think I recall seeing them occasionally when I moved to Tolland, CT, but I honestly can't remember for sure.  


I often wondered why they were so common in Massachusetts and so rare in northern Connecticut just fifty miles due south.  


Pine Siskens are another bird that one could usually count on seeing mixed in a flock with gold finches in Massachusetts, but I never saw one in Connecticut until the deluge last year when I saw over a hundred.


Brown creepers were also more common in Massachusetts.


On the contrary, Northern Cardinals are abundant in Connecticut but I can't remember a specific time that I saw one in Massachusetts, although I must have.


It's very strange to me that the two States are so close and yet so different when it comes to common birds.



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