[CT Birds] What do you think?

Dan Huber docforestal at comcast.net
Sun Jul 4 23:30:35 EDT 2010


I read your post about blogging.  I have been posting my blog on twitter and
facebook to get more interest in it and use friends on twitter to help with
id's and such.  Although I don't get a lot of comments on it, the ones I do
are nice to see.  I use the blog as my version of recording what I see. I
find it hard to follow the message board format myself and find the
twitter/facebook more helpful.  I actually only use them for bird related
conversations as life is busy enough.  If you don't mind, send me your blog
address.  I would love to follow and see your photos/writings.  I am just a
relative beginner but enjoy learning.

Dan Huber ( in Vernon )
docforestal on twitter
Blog:  Nature Observances:  http://forestal-plantedtanks.blogspot.com/

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