[CT Birds] Winter Wrens - Cheshire

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I hiked this area on July 4th from From the Chatfield Rd/Rt 68 area to Shepard Ave in Hamden. I had the Winter Wren singing as well. Other birds on the trip;


Wood Thrush


WB Nut

BC Chickadee

RE Vireo

Cat Bird

C Yellow throat

Oven Bird

B&W warbler

C Wren

Red Tail Hawk


Scarlet Tananger




H Wodpecker

D Woodpecker

RB woodpeck


Field Sparrow

Song Sparrow


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> I went for a very brief walk south on the Quinnipiac Train off Rte 42.  I had a Winter Wren just a few steps to the west of Nettleton's Ravine in the spicebush/skunk cabage/hemlocks.  There was another Troglodytes troglodytes (I love that Old World Name - 'Reminds me of the HG Wells classic, The Time Machine) further down the ravine in the hemlocks to the west.  There were the usuals - Veery, Scarlet Tan, BT Green Warbler, BC Chickadee, etc. - no sign of the Ravens present in the Spring.  
> What a beautiful song.  It's amazing; Winter Wrens sound just like the complex, melodic whistles of Patrick Dugan.
> Steve Mayo
> Bethany
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