[CT Birds] drought & birds

Marty Swanhall mswanhall at earthlink.net
Tue Jul 6 12:10:42 EDT 2010

I had to rescue at least 10 bees from our pool yesterday - I guess the bees 
land to get water not realizing how deep the water is nor the current/waves 
created by filter/pump.

Marty from Woodbury

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> As we go through this heat wave, we are also experiencing a real serious 
> drought as well. How is this effecting birds?
> I have a pair of Robins nesting in yard. These birds have been looking 
> strange for awhile. They seem to be friendlier than they should be. I see 
> them often come very close to me when I am watering the plants.
> I finallyfigured it out. These birds are suffering from the drought!
> When we are in a drought, the water table and available moisture goes 
> deeper, (thus my empty pond) leaving the top most soils dry, or drier than 
> average. For Robins, who depend on earth worms for a majority of their 
> diet, and to feed young, its become sparse and much more difficult to find 
> worms in the top most layers of soil. Thus the gathering of Robins near me 
> when I am watering plants.
> Also, My vegetable garden is being visited at night by my local Skunk, who 
> is rooting large deep holes in the soils I just watered for grubs and 
> worms. The worse the drought, the deeper the holes, and some are over a 
> foot deep! Anyone else seeing these signs of drought and wildlife?
> I wish them all luck in their constant fight for survival.
> Paul Carrier - Harwinton, CT
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