[CT Birds] House sparrows and Cliff Swallow nest

Michael Aurelia maurelia at msn.com
Wed Jul 7 13:48:42 EDT 2010

While viewing the Mianus River Fishway  @ US 1 in Riverside, CT this week, I noticed that house sparrows have taken over an empty cliff swallow nest. Cliff swallow nests are located on the upstream side of the bridge on the steel support girders.  Other cliff swallows were in adjacent, active nests. 

In the spring one can frequently observe tree, barn, northern rough wing and cliff swallows at this one location. All four species are nesting near the bridge.  Barn swallows nest under the bridge on other superstructure and
northern rough wings nest in drainage pipe holes in the adjacent
concrete retaining wall.

It is my hope to get purple martins nesting at this location in the future.

M. Aurelia
State Board Member - CT Audubon Society

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