[CT Birds] Barn Island Vireos, Bobolinks, etc.

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Wed Jul 7 19:42:41 EDT 2010

Delayed report, July 5, 2010

Despite the heat by mid-day, birds remained active and singing...

BARN ISLAND WMA, Stonington, CT, 1st Impoundment (coastal area)

6:00 - 9:00 am: DC Cormorant, Great & Snowy Egrets, Glossy Ibis, Osprey, Willet, Herring Gull, Least Tern, Downy Woodpecker, Northern Flicker, Willow Flycatcher, Eastern Wood-Pewee (heard), Eastern Kingbird, Red-eyed Vireo (heard), Yellow-throated Vireo, White-eyed Vireo, Bank Swallow, Tree Swallow, Black-capped Chickadee, Tufted Titmouse, Carolina Wren (heard), Marsh Wren, Veery, Cedar Waxwing, Yellow Warbler including an empty nest that had been occupied a few days before, American Redstart, Common Yellowthroat, Indigo Bunting (male), Northern Cardinal, Eastern Towhee, Saltmarsh Sparrow, Seaside Sparrow, Bobolink (2 males), Red-winged Blackbird, American Goldfinch.

Bobolink are located in a field adjacent the house resembling a castle on Palmer Rd closer to the entrance to Barn Island (it's on the right side on the way into the area).

Also, during a mid-morning visit to Barn Island one week ago a Blue-winged Warbler and Black-and-white Warbler were observed.

In addition -

A brief stop - and hike out to the bluffs at BLUFF POINT STATE PARK, Groton, CT: Common Tern, Spotted Sandpiper, Great Blue Heron; and a Shrew that scurried across the trail.

Later, a mid-day walk around HARTMAN PARK, Old Lyme, CT

Scarlet Tanager, Worm-eating Warbler, Yellow-throated Vireo (2), Blue-gray Gnatcatcher

Tom Fiore & Brenda Inskeep 
NYC & Stamford 

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