[CT Birds] Black Vultures

Hank Golet htg1523 at att.net
Thu Jul 8 15:11:22 EDT 2010

On a tiny beach between Old Lyme Gas Dock and The DEP Marine Region building on Ferry Rd in Old Lyme  there were four (4) Black Vultures along with a few Turkey Vultures this morning around 6:30..  There was a dead Stripped  Bass on the beach that they were interested in.  I have seen vultures there before and also up along the shore of the Ct River as far as the Old Lyme Marina quite often eating what floats in
  The Black Vultures were fairly tame, staying no farther than 25 feet away from me, as I walked by this morning.. I have taken pictures of them there in the past right out of my pickup window.  This is the first time I have seen more than two there.
Hank Golet   

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