[CT Birds] Flowers attracting hummingbirds

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They really seem to enjoy our coral bells, too.

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> Judy Moore wondered what types of flowers we have in our yard that have 
> been attracting and holding a higher than usual number of hummingbirds 
> this year and here is what my wife, whose efforts in the garden are 
> responsible for the attractiveness, had to say;
> they seemed to particularly love the bee balm [monarda] two varieties- 
> pink and red
> i thik the very large petunias didn't hurt either, especially for getting 
> the yard noticed.
> they also really liked the fuschias. we have the traditional variety, but 
> also the red trumpet type.
> they apparently like the red/white/purple salvia [have yet to find ours, 
> but once they do, they'll be thrilled]
> what they really, really like is our home-made hummingbird recipe. one 
> gallon of water to 4+cups of sugar. that made a HUGE difference.
> hope this helps?
> Brian Hiller
> Willimantic, CT

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