[CT Birds] Bahama banded Piping Plovers

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I am cross-posting this with permission from the author.

Glenn Williams

Greetings.  The shorebird season is beginning to change, thus this is an
 appropriate time for an overdue update on Piping Plovers marked in The Bahamas last winter 
by an Environment Canada 
project directed by Cheri Gratto-Trevor, cheri.gratto-trevor at ec.gc.ca .
 the extraordinary efforts of many individuals with an interest in 
shorebirds and their conservation, 38 of the 57 marked Bahamas plovers 
have been resighted and confirmed in breeding areas along the North Atlantic coast from
 North Carolina
 to Newfoundland. Thus, a remarkable 67% have been resighted at least 
once. A 39th bird was seen on migration in north Florida, but has not 
been re-sighted on breeding grounds to date.
By state and 
province the present tally is:  
14 MA, 10 NY, 3
 RI, 2 NJ, 2 VA, 2 New 
Brunswick, 1 NC, 1 ME, 1 Nova Scotia, 1 Newfoundland, 1 CT, 1 FL. One plover 
initially located in the Montauk area of NY moved to Sandy Hook, NJ. That individual 
is credited to NJ. That Prince
 Edward Island, MD and DE have not resighted a Bahamas bird is 
somewhat remarkable.
There have been recent indications 
of Bahamas plovers "on the move." An individual not previously seen in a
 closely-monitored area near Coney Island, NY was the 38th bird 
resighted on breeding grounds. This individual appeared not to have 
breeding interests. Another plover had a failed nest on mid-Cape Cod, MA
 and moved off the Cape to Plymouth and thereafter to Duxbury, MA. Thus, a 
Bahamas plover may turn up at a beach near you. A spotting scope remains 
the best method to spot and confirm a marked plover (or other 
Please report any plover sightings to Cheri 
Gratto-Trevor at the e-address above. Pictures of Bahamas plovers and a 
primer on how to report the color bands remain at: http://cvwofirstlandingspk.blogspot.com/2010/02/piping-plovers-of-bahamas.html 

Peter Doherty
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Virginia Beach, VA


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