[CT Birds] Juvenile red-shouldered - residents in Heritage Village, Southbury, CT

Judith E. Stevens judithestevens at charter.net
Sun Jul 11 13:08:25 EDT 2010

Daily there are juvenile R-S hawks acting goofy and putting
themselves in danger.  Two have found the trees in the condo
area appealing and thankfully, the chipmunk population has 
been decreasing.  However, for two days now I've had to remove
dead critters from the road which might have been left there when
the hawks couldn't lift them.  The juvie's pull on the tail of  squirrels, not
paying any attention to traffic.  I've been policing the road of critters
so that I don't come across one of these beauties victim of
the immature drivers who don't even think to slow down even though
the speed limit is 25 mph here in condo land.  Judith Stevens

There are daily calls of our resident Pileated Woodpecker as well.  Sightings
are not common, but their vocalizations are.

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