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I doubt that there are many but for any that think the oil spill won't effect 
"our" birds read on.....


In case the link doesn't last, a quote....

"Plovers are beginning to fly south as  part of an annual migration to gulf 
shores now fouled with oil. Two  weeks ago, bird specialists found the season’s 
first two piping plovers  on the remote Chandeleur Islands off Louisiana, where 
oil has already  washed up. More birds will arrive in the next month and stay on 
gulf  beaches through the winter.
“We  are very worried,’’ said Scott Hecker, a coastal water bird specialist  and 
executive director of the Massachusetts-based Goldenrod Foundation,  which works 
to protect barrier beaches. “These remote beaches along the  gulf are where the 
birds go, and they are the places that get the oil  first and the most.’’
The  bird is the latest in a series of New England species — bluefin tuna and  
sea turtles are others — whose populations may suffer because they  spend part 
of their life in the gulf."

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