[CT Birds] Hooded Mergs - Fairfield County

streatham2003 at aol.com streatham2003 at aol.com
Tue Jul 13 12:37:53 EDT 2010

 Hey Scott et al. 

I found a pair of Hooded Mergs with young on Aspetuck Reservoir a couple of years back (I'd seen Hoodies in summer before but no young) and sent the sighting round to Greg Hanisek, Frank Gallo etc as it was a fairly exciting breeding record for the county (no-one could remember a previous breeding record that far south). There have been a few interesting duck sightings around that area over the summer (I think Tina Green had a pair of Ring-necks there a summer or two back). So maybe your bird made the short flight over from somewhere like Aspetuck? I don't visit the area that much anymore since I moved, but I think Denis Varza checks still?

Luke Tiller, Greenwich

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