[CT Birds] Bank Swallows

peeplo at aol.com peeplo at aol.com
Tue Jul 13 19:05:09 EDT 2010

Hi all,
Swallows have been passing Milford Point in good numbers since last Saturday, 7/10/1010.  On our Canoe Tour of the Marsh Saturday morning, we encounted at least 6 Rough-winged Swallows (don't breed at the center), 14 Barn Swallows and a few Tree Swallows, as well as the usual marsh birds, including 7 Yellow-crowned Night-Herons, 3 Black-crowned Night-Herons, 9 Great Egrets, 3 Snowy Egrets, 2 Clapper Rails, 10 singing Marsh Wrens, 1 Saltmarsh Sparrow, 2 Willets, 4 Least Sandpipers, and 5 Osprey. Today, 7/13, 12+ Bank Swallows passed through with 15+ Barn Swallows before the storm hit today.  A Warbling Vireo was singing at the center, a likely migrant, as was a Yellow Warbler (likely resident)   Frank Gallo

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