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Subject: [CTEnvL] Potential Closure of MDC Lands to Recreation, Hearing on July 

Back in the 50s and 60's, I just about grew up in the West Hartford reservoir 
lands. It was my playground and taught me all about nature and so much more. It 
was my back yard, and I was often the only one in there the entire day. 

With time, we saw the explosion of our human population, and with it came more 
people with the want to explore the wilds of these lands. With this increase in 
human traffic came those who did not respect nor appreciate the privilege they 
had, being able to visit these wild and beautiful properties. In these early 
times, the roads were open to vehicular traffic, being able to drive from 
Farmington Ave to Albany Ave and all the other roads in- between. With eventual 
problems came the closure of the roads to vehicular traffic. It only takes a few 
thoughtless people to ruin a good thing, and through the years, that is exactly 
what has happened to free public access into the MDC lands. Just recently, the 
MDC lands adjacent to the Nepaug forest have been closed to the public. I 
believe it was caused by a thoughtless person who was killed joy ridding his 
jeep there. I, and we, no longer have access to these beautiful and rich birding 
areas because of just one thoughtless, reckless visitor.

With the new interest in Mountain biking growing ever so fast, it is only a 
mater of time before someone else gets killed from their negligence, that - yes, 
you can get hurt riding your bike in the forest. I would like to see the MDC ban 
all human travels into their properties except walking. This way, we might all 
still have the privilege of exploring these wonderful wild, but ever vanishing 
lands we all need for our well being. As a result of this, the fauna and flora 
who live in these lands will stay safe and wild, as it should be,  forever.

Paul Carrier

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