[CT Birds] Stratford (Housatonic River), Common Terns

Chasbarnard at aol.com Chasbarnard at aol.com
Fri Jul 16 11:35:29 EDT 2010

There were at least 290 Common Terns standing on the sandbars off of  Short 
Beach this morning.  I am sure that I missed a few in the  mob, as some had 
to be blocked from view and others were flying about farther  out.  I was 
able to spot only about 6 or so fledglings among all these  terns.
 Gull numbers were low, with about 65 Ring-billed Gulls, 35 Herring  Gulls, 
2 Great Black-backed Gulls and 15 Laughing Gulls. Shorebirds  were almost 
non-existent out on the open sandbars.  
Charlie Barnard Jr.

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