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Sat Jul 17 17:35:02 EDT 2010

Well, I don't feel too badly that I didn't recognize the  bird, I got a 
number of answers, and most of them are different.  I fear we  will never know 
for certain what it is, but I'll list the results and make a  couple of 
comments on them.  I probably didn't say so, but of course this  bird was in the 
Boston Hollow area (Yale forest),  Ashford.
American Redstart - 2
Yellow-rumped Warbler - 2*
Pine Warbler - 1
Chipping Sparrow - 1
Bay-Breasted Warbler - 1
Dark-eyed Junco - 1
Blackpoll Warbler - 1
Asterisk on the Y-R Warbler because 1 of the  respondents said that he felt 
that was much less  likely when he realized I had mentioned that the bird 
seemed to be on the  ground.  That is 1 of the main reasons I eliminated it 
also.  The bird  seemed to be in the same place, on or very near the ground 
for about an  hour.  I spooked it then, in the process of trying to find it 
or it might  still be there.  Also, I don't think it comes through on the 
recording, but  the song sounded quite tentative to me.  I characterize it as 
"weak and  tired" sounding, almost as though running out of breath.  I really 
don't think that fits a lot of the birds on the list very  well, nor does 
the  proximity to the ground and the  immobility.
I find the Dark-eyed Junco suggestion very interesting,  because, having 
looked it up, the habitat fits perfectly with their preferred  nesting area, 
particularly, they nest on the ground in open mixed forests.  There is no way 
to know for sure (unless I can find  the bird), but knowing that Juncos do 
nest in Ct, I  consider Boston Hollow a very likely nesting place for them.  
 The climate is much cooler than nearby areas, as much  as 15 degrees on a 
hot day between there and my house or Willimantic, both  roughly 15 miles 
away.  On the day I heard the bird the temp (car  thermometer) was 69 degrees 
at 2 pm at Boston Hollow, and 87 and 2:45 pm in  Willimantic.  Of course, 
Y-R Warbler, Chipping Sparrow and Pine Warbler are  all very common at BH, but 
I hear the latter 2 every day there, and this bird  did not seem to match 
them.  Further  suggestions  and comments are welcome.
Don Morgan

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