[CT Birds] Meriden Hanover Pond - CRAZY BIRD

Joseph Budrow jbudrow at sbcglobal.net
Sun Jul 18 11:48:52 EDT 2010

Living in Meriden I make Hanover pond a very frequent place to bird. But this summer I have not...for no particular reason. Got there this morning and it was pretty dead except for this bird which totally does not belong in any habitat.

The bird was perched on a dead tree overhanging the pond. It was about 18" long, and all white. It had the head of a dove and a long body. Its legs and feet were short and reddish orange. Crazy! I figured if a great egret mated with a rock pigeon it would look like this bird with the genes of the pigeon winning most of the traits.

Bird was sitting there a long time on the northwest corner. A couple came out of that area with a real nice picture, too. I took a couple using my scope while holding my camera to the lens...we'll see how they look.

Joe B 

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